Lollapalooza: 1 of 2

A couple weekends ago I attended my 5th Lollapalooza since it became a permanent stay in Chicago. I obviously love all of the great bands and music the festival brings but what I really enjoy is taking photos. This year was the most tough out of all the years I’ve been there. Security was tighter than had been in the past and I was told not to take photos with my zoom lens when in years past they didn’t mind. The main stage on the south-end was by far the most vocal when it came to security. I was there the first 2 days and didn’t take that many photos. Sunday I was on the north-end main stage and security was way less vocal about photos and that’s where most of them came from.

Tomorrow I’ll post my other photos from Vampire Weekend. Enjoy!





Online Portfolio

One of the most tedious projects a graphic designer will ever do is put together their online portfolio. It’s a lengthy process of gathering images and graphics and organizing them from years of work. Last summer I took up that task and after many months I posted my site for the world to see. The site chronicles my work from the freelance projects to Be Iconic.

CLICK HERE to visit my portfolio site.

Dad Priorities

It has been a really long time since I’ve done a blog post but for good reason. On Thursday, February 14 (Valentine’s Day) I became a dad for the first time. Priorities switched a little bit from my first love of design to my new first love of looking after our son Owen. It has been an amazing experience.

Be Iconic has been on the back burner for the last few months but I have still been putting in a lot of work behind the scenes. Right now I’m in the process of completely redoing the website. Last year the website was revamped as well but the new site is going to be even better. It’ll be clean and simple like the current site but will making the shopping experience way more convenient along with just a better viewer experience altogether. We’re targeting a summer launch for the new site.

This summer we’ll also be looking to be in at least one summer festival. That is TBD because of my current day job but once we have information on that we’ll post on our site.

Thank you to everyone who has made orders through the site for the past few months even though there has been little marketing. Looking forward to posting more on the site soon along with some sales that we’ll have coming up.

Thank you for all of the support.

Grand Cayman

A couple months back Kim and I headed to a tiny island in the Caribbean Sea sea known as Grand Cayman for our babymoon. A quick recap about the island is that they are known for their rum cakes, beaches, sunsets, that they like pirates and they are British-owned which means everyone drives on the opposite side of the road compared to America. During our short stay we did a lot of relaxing which we will need before baby arrives. Below are some photos I took during the trip.

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